Windows 10 In White House: Product Placement Or An Open Invitation To Hackers?

White House Situation Room

Last Tuesday was nothing special for the White House. The U.S. President Donald Trump had a meeting in the Situation Room with Republican and Democratic congressional leaders, where Vice President Mike Pence was also present.

All things were going as usual, until TechCrunch’s Zach Whittaker noticed something peculiar in a snapshot of the meeting. The picture which was distributed by the Office of the Press Secretary showed Windows 10 operating system on the screens.

And that was it! Following the tweet, an enormous commotion on the platform was witnessed. Numerous Twitter users started tweeting and sharing their opinions on White House using Windows 10 in the West Wing.

While many were just concerned about the vulnerabilities that come along with using Windows 10, others thought that it might be another Microsoft product placement tricks. Since Microsoft recently came up with the most bizarre Windows95 sweater, I believe this is something Microsoft would love to do.

Anyway, product placement or not! Let’s just enjoy the Twitter jokes for now —

Microsoft is yet to comment to make a comment on it. Meanwhile, I wonder if White House is also dealing with the Windows 10 October Update issues.

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