New Windows Phone To Run Android Apps Out Of The Box

Emporium nebulus Windows 10 on ARM smartphone

Many of us believe that Microsoft is done with its mobile operating system Windows 10 Mobile. The company has even ended official support for the same by pushing the last update in December 2019.

But a UK-based company called Emperion is making sincere efforts to resurrect the platform. Emperion has posted details of its upcoming Windows-powered smartphone on its Twitter handle.

However, the twist here is that the device will run Windows 10 on ARM instead of a mobile-optimized OS that we have seen in the past. Windows 10 on ARM is a variant of Microsoft Windows 10 optimized to run on ARM-powered SoCs, like the Snapdragon 8cx.

Along with the image of the phone, Emperion shared an image of a Snapdragon chip as well. According to Windows Central, the smartphone is powered by an overclocked Snapdragon 845. This means we can expect that the price tag for the smartphone won’t burn our pockets.

Help from Microsoft

The company claims that its upcoming Windows 10 phone will be able to run Android apps without using any emulator or dual-booting the device. However, it hasn’t revealed any technical details on how the Android app compatibility is achieved.

Right now, in Emperion’s own words, Nebulus currently exists “as a prototype brick.” However, a surprising feat is that Emperion claims that it used a helping hand from Microsoft in the development of Nebulus.

Furthermore, it chose ARM over Intel owing to “a number of issues outside of our control with the Intel hardware set,” the company wrote on Twitter.

Emperion didn’t go for Windows 10X either. Even though it’s a freshly built OS, it’s still designed for x86 devices which is the reason why it wasn’t considered.

The company said a website for its Windows 10 phone is under construction and it’s also making a full-fledged video to reveal more details. We can expect the device to have full-blown desktop mode as well.

As far as availability is concerned, Emperion has confirmed that the initial launch of Nebulus will happen in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

We’ll keep you posted about further developments.

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