Microsoft Teaches “How To Use Windows 10?” With New ‘Cortana Show Me’ App


The Windows 10 Insider Preview 17128 is out for RS4 fast ring users. The latest build comes with no new additions or changes but removes the Insider watermark present in the lower right corner of the desktop. Microsoft said they’re in now beginning the final code checking phase to prepare for the final release.

Alongside Build 17128, Windows Insiders can also get their hands-on a new app called Cortana Show Me. It is designed to teach people how to use the basic functions in Windows 10.

Here is the list of guides included in the Cortana Show Me app:

  • Check your version of Windows
  • Discover Bluetooth devices
  • Update Windows
  • Check if an app is installed
  • Uninstall an app
  • Change your desktop background
  • Use Airplane Mode
  • Change your display brightness
  • Add nearby printers or scanners
  • Change your default programs
  • Change your screen resolution
  • Turn off Windows Defender Security Center
  • Run a security scan
  • Change Wi-Fi settings
  • Change your power settings

As the name suggests, you can open the app and throw voice commands at Cortana. Like, “Cortana, show me how to….”. Just the way you usually talk to the digital assistant. Alternatively, you can type your query in the search bar also. Cortana will then help them change that setting step-by-step.

It’s a good attempt from Microsoft to help users who are new to Windows 10 and face trouble with various settings. Cortana Show Me is up for download in the Microsoft Store. The app is currently limited to English US and English UK, and German.

Download Cortana Show Me
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Aditya Tiwari

Aditya Tiwari

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