Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 To Launch With A New Windows 10, Report Says

Microsoft Hololens 2 update
Image: Microsoft

It about time that Microsoft should come up with an upgrade for their mixed reality headset HoloLens. But it seems, Microsoft wants to launch it with a significant overhaul. The next generation of the headset could arrive by the end of this year or early 2019, the sources told Windows Central.

HoloLens 2 (codenamed “Sydney”) will arrive with a new version of the Holographic Processing Unit (HPU). Microsoft dropped details about it last year. HPU v2 will house an AI coprocessor to implement Deep Neural Networks on the device itself, reducing the dependency on the cloud when processing visual data.

Powered by an ARM processor, the next-gen HoloLens could also include LTE connectivity to deliver a more mobile experience while keeping tabs on the battery life.

However, what’s grabbing the attention is that there would be a new version of Windows 10 (codenamed Oasis) for HoloLens 2. Oasis will be based on the Windows Core OS and specially built for mixed reality devices. It will come with the adaptable UI called CShell that optimizes itself according to the device type.

The original HoloLens has been there for more than three years, but a consumer version is yet to arrive. The Developer and Commercial editions exist, but their expensive price may have been a turn down for many.

Last year, we saw several affordable third-party headsets in the market based on Microsoft’s technology. Let’s wait for the upcoming release to see what Microsft has to offer.

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