Microsoft Resurrects Clippy As An Emoji In Latest Windows 11 Update

windows 11 emoji clippy

It’s been two months since the official release of Windows 11, and Microsoft is slowly releasing significant updates. Back in July, Microsoft announced the existence of new emojis, and they arrived in a November update. The following Windows 11 update adds these emojis along with the notable inclusion of Clippy.

Compared to the older Windows 10 emojis, the bold and black outlines are gone, and the new emojis have slight color changes. Likewise, the latest Windows 11 emojis match the operating system’s overall design esthetic. The final release is similar to what Microsoft showed back in July but without the 3D design.

It is not sure if Microsoft will ever release the promised 3D emoji, but coming from Microsoft, it’s doubtful. We don’t get 3D emojis in Windows 11 because of technical limitations or something entirely different.

Moreover, the return of Clippy as an emoji was imminent. Microsoft put out a tweet saying, “If this gets 20k likes, we’ll replace the paperclip emoji with Clippy,” back in July. Subsequently, the tweet now has more than 170,000 likes, and Redmond held up their end of the deal.

Windows 11’s latest update, which will be available shortly, replaces the paperclip emoji with Clippy. The addition of Clippy would be nostalgic for users who used Microsoft Office in the 1990s.

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