Indian TikTok Alternative ‘Mitron App’ Returns On Google Play Store

indian tiktok alternative

The controversial Indian TikTok alternative, Mitron app, has returned to the Google Play Store after three days of its removal. The app was previously removed under Google’s Spam and minimum functionality policy as it was considered as a TikTok clone.

Reason behind Return of Indian TikTok alternative

Google Play Vice President Sameer Samsat said that the app was removed from the Google Play Store because of its incompetent interface technical glitches. Google asked the developers to make the changes and submit their app again for approval.

He concluded the statement by saying that after the developers made the changes and resubmitted their app, Mitron is now available on Google Play Store.

Previous Big Events for Mitron App

The Mitron App gained a lot of popularity in India and crossed 5 million downloads on the Google Play store in a month. The app gained a lot of users due to the anti-TikTok and anti-China sentiments going on in the country.

However, as soon as the app came into fame, it was revealed that the app is a rebranded version of a Pakistani app TicTic and the Indian developers purchased the source code at a price of $34. This was the biggest revelation related to the so-called ‘Indian TikTok alternative.’

Moreover, testers also discovered security flaws in the app including the absence of the privacy policy. The app also misbehaved when users tried to upload videos.

As of now, the people who have installed the app before can again use the app regularly. After so many controversies, it will be interesting to see whether this Indian TikTok alternative will be able to replace TikTok or not.

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