Jeff Bezos Will Own 75% Shares & Voting Power In Amazon Post Divorce

Jeff Bezos-MacKenzie Bezos
Image: CNBC

Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos, as part of their divorce settlement (the court will approve of the divorce after 90 days), have announced that Jeff will get 75% of Amazon shares along with all the voting power in the company.

MacKenzie took to Twitter to conclude the whole divorce process and suggested that the divorce settlement also involves the dissolution of her interests in the Washington Post and 25% of her stake in the company.

Under the settlement, Jeff Bezos will own around $143 billion, and MacKenzie will be the owner of about $36 billion.

This settlement will help Bezos retain the title of “World’s richest person” and will make MacKenzie the fourth richest woman in the world.

For those who don’t know, Bezos will continue to be the largest shareholder in the $900 billion company, accounting for 16%.

For those who have forgotten, Jeff and MacKenzie ended their 26 years of marriage back in January, reportedly due to Jeff’s affair with news anchor and reporter, Lauren Sanchez, also a friend of Bezos.

To recall, when Jeff and MacKenzie announced their divorce, it was considered a threat to Amazon (the biggest e-commerce site) as it was assumed the money would be divided equally. However, everything seems to be in control now.

Following the divorce, Bezos (via a blog post) accused the National Enquirer of blackmailing and extortion. The post suggested that the publication threatened Jeff to leak his private messages and photos if he didn’t tell the public that the publication’s coverage wasn’t politically influenced.

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