Tesla Model 3 Vs Model Y (Performance): Real HP, Battery Size Revealed

If you wonder which electric car out of the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y is more powerful, then today you’ll get your answer. Today we have will the performance variant of Tesla Model 3 and Model Y.

If you have ever been to the official website of Tesla, then you know that both the power and battery information is not available there. However, you get to see the performance in terms of top speed, acceleration, and all other details.

To make it easier, the YouTube channel DragTimes has uploaded a video on its YouTube channel comparing the top variants of both the sister electric cars.

Here is the video for you:

Tesla Model 3 Vs. Model Y Performance

The red-colored Tesla Model Y Performance with big wheels does look stunning in the video. Proceeding with the comparison, Brooks, the channel owner, connected a device OBD2 Bluetooth, which is a kind of interceptor dongle that sends all the data and statistics via an app on your smartphone.

If you wish to know every in-depth detail about your Tesla, then you should consider buying this device. After connecting, the YouTuber ran tests to calculate the horsepower. However, this app will give a plethora of data other than just HP, which can be useful.

After testing, it turns out that Tesla Model 3 Performance has a battery pack of 72.5kWh, which produces from both front and rear motor a total output of 579.215 HP. By comparison, the Tesla Model Y Performance churns out a maximum output of 623.77hp from a battery pack of 77.5kWh

It seems that the bigger battery of Model Y has resulted in an extra 45 HP boost. However, later in the video, we saw that the Model 3 Performance is quicker than the Model Y at 0 to 60mph timing by 0.3 seconds.

Why Is Model 3 Still Faster Than Model Y?

Well, here no matter how good the engineering is, you can’t beat physics. We can see that Model 3 is a sedan, whereas Model Y is an SUV; also, Model Y weighs higher than Model 3.

In addition to the above information, there is a graph down below, which shows the performance of both vehicles.

Tesla Model 3 Model Y drag race

The graph shows that initially the Model 3 is quicker. Being lighter than its counterpart and its body type, the torque does the job here. However, after some time, the Model Y gets ahead of Model 3 as it has more power.

Both cars have different purposes, and both are outstanding cars. This article is simply about which car excels in terms of horsepower, battery pack, etc. You can choose whichever you want according to your requirements.

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