Man Makes and Shares 3D Printed Gun, Defies Ban

3d printed dart gun legal
3d printed dart gun legal


3-D printers could be the next major revolution in manufacturing after Assembly Line. With creating amazing stuff like jewelry and housewares to even a 3D printed car, 3-D printing is already taking the manufacturing world by storm. But, there are some controversies surrounding the 3-D printers and this time it involves a 3D printed gun.

It is not just the cool stuff that you can create through the 3-D printer, but also items like guns (not everyone thinks guns are cool). Peter Alaric has created a .40 caliber dart pistol with his own 3-D printer and has shared the .STL files for everyone to create one for their self. The gun is also cloaked from metal detectors. The printer took about 8 hours to make the gun.

According to claims by its maker Peter Alaric DeSimone, this 3D printed gun is as legal as it can get. He emphasizes that his gun is not a firearm, but an airgun, so it clears the norms under current Arm Regulations.

Peter explains that developing a gun is merely a retortion against the ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulation) updates. Also unimpressed with the current US President intervening the constitutional rights of the citizens, Alaric wrote on his website

“If Mr. Obama had not attempted to stifle free speech in this way, I probably would have simply worked on another, more innocuous project. But as it is, I felt compelled to act. This gesture of protest further proves the obvious futility of attempting to regulate speech and ban simple mechanical objects; both of which are very un-American ideas.

Here’s a video by DeSimone showing how the 3D printed gun is made and its working and why did he chose to make one.

Making 3D printed gun at home has sparked a debate nationwide. Though it is just created as protestation to Mr. Obama’s policies, it still is a weapon and can be improvised and used by the anyone with malicious intents.

Protests for a good cause are beneficial for the society, but Guns, no way. This 3D printed gun could cast down 3-D printing, creating a negative social image of such a wonderful technology.

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