Facebook Making “Moneypenny” Assistant to Challenge Google, Microsoft and Apple

facebook moneypenny
facebook moneypenny

Facebook Messenger is soon getting its very own virtual digital assistant dubbed “Moneypenny.” This means Siri, Google Now and Cortana- Windows 10’s biggest feature- are going to face some competition very soon. The social networking giant is reportedly making a voice-based digital assistant for Facebook Messenger app helping the users get the most of it.

Facebook’s Moneypenny is expected to bring a human touch to the current digital assistants, reports The Information. It should be noted that Moneypenny is named after the James Bond character, Moneypenny, who serves as his secretary. Currently, detailed information is unavailable regarding Facebook’s plans. But, the Information noted that Moneypenny could follow business models found in “concierge” firms like Fetch, Operator and Magic.

How is Facebook Moneypenny different from Siri, Google Now and Cortana?

This digital assistant by Facebook is said to be slightly different from other existing personal assistants. Instead of using a digital voice, your queries will be answered by real people. Facebook will hire real people to help the users by answering their questions regarding products and services.

Big companies like Google, Apple and Microsoft already have their own digital assistants that focus on productivity. Google’s assistant has a very generic name Google Now, while Cortana and Siri named were well received. It would be interesting to know if Facebook decides to rename Moneypenny at the time of final release.

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As mentioned above, Facebook Moneypenny will bear similarity with apps like Fetch and Operator where you send a message to a ‘person’, and you get the information you needed.

Other details and release date about Facebook Moneypenny are currently unavailable. We’ll keep you updated, stay tuned. Comment your views about Facebook’s plan below.

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