Man Creates Our Dream Super Mario Bros FPS Version That Nintendo Didn’t

Man Creates Our Dream Super Mario FPS Version That Nintendo Didn't

Have you ever imagined how the FPS version of Super Mario Bros would look like? If not, then you’re in for a surprise. A guy named Sean Noonan has been working on transforming Super Mario Bros into a First Person Shooter.

This feat by Noonan has been achieved on Unreal Engine 4, and the attention to detail is truly extraordinary.

Noonan went on to release a short trailer for the Super Mario Bros FPS prototype on YouTube. According to him, the game is almost done despite “a couple of little quality of life features” that he needs to “finish off.”

If Super Marios Bros Was An FPS

If the trailer isn’t enough to give you the feels, then GmanLives, a popular YouTuber, posted a 7 Minutes gameplay of First-Person-Shooter Super Mario Bros on his channel.

One may wonder whether Super Mario Bros gets as violent as an FPS, but that’s not the case. This revamped version does justice to the original Super Mario Bros game. GmanLives even went on to say that it could be an official Nintendo content and to be honest, I agree with him.

To kill the enemies, you can shoot at them with your plunger guns, or you can do it how it is supposed to be done by jumping on them.

You can collect coins and stars by destroying mushrooms, bricks, and crates. Also, there are hidden rooms full of coins, just like in the original Super Mario Bros game. You can get into those rooms using the green pipes, which is genuinely nostalgic.

Of course, the difficulty level of the game gets to the next level in the first-person perspective. However, there can’t be a better adaptation of the original game in an FPS.

Unfortunately, this is only a microgame created by Noonan for the Mapcore monthly challenge. It’s like a parody, and a couple of minutes of game time is all we get.


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