Man 3D Prints His Own ‘Surface Duo’ Ahead Of Official Launch

Joshua Surface Duo 3D print clone

While Microsoft is taking forever to bring the Surface Duo to market, a restless fan who currently owns an 11″ iPad Pro decided to take things into his own hands.

A Twitter user who goes by the name Joshua The Son of Nun used the 3D printer at his home to recreate a model of Microsoft’s upcoming dual-screen PC. Of course, it won’t ever turn on, but it’s enough to give an idea of how the device will feel in the hands.

Until now, Surface Duo has only appeared in leaks and social media accounts of Microsoft employees testing the device.

Here’s how the Surface Duo clone was created

Joshua first posted the image of his home-made Surface Duo last week when it was merely a pair of blocks combined using a tape. Later Joshua compared his creation to a Moleskine notebook.

On Wednesday, the fan came up with an updated version of his 3D-printed Surface Duo, which he gave “an unintentionally crappy paint job.”

But this time, he used resin for the updated design so that he could 3D print smaller parts like the hinges. The hinges allow his Surface Duo clone to fold three-way around, much like the actual dual-screen PC.

The replica is complete with Microsoft logo on both panels, although blurred, and looks quite impressive considering the early limited efforts; he proudly flaunted the Surface Duo model sitting alongside his PC setup.

For reference, the Surface Duo clone is a little shorter in height when placed alongside the OnePlus 7 Pro.

So, when will the real Surface Duo arrive?

Microsoft has been developing the dual-screen PC for years and it showcased the Windows 10X-powered device on the stage in 2019. As per reports, Surface Duo has reportedly passed Bluetooth SIG and FCC certifications. Also, the device is being teased by MS employees more than ever these days.

So, speaking of the release date, the Surface Duo is expected to arrive sometime in the last week of August, according to Window Central’s Zac Bowden. He tweeted that production of the dual-screen device has begun.

via MSPowerUser

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