A Hidden Game in Your Google Chrome, Works on Android and PC

google chrome t rex hidden game
google chrome t rex hidden game

I know people love simple and cool tricks. Few days ago I wrote an article on hidden audio and video converter in VLC and it was a great hit. Near about 10,000 people saw that post in a single day. So I thought why not share some more fun tricks with you.

I accidentally stumbled upon the hidden game of Google Chrome today and found it quite interesting. You remember the T-Rex dinosaur? The image of dinosaur that appear when your computer or smartphone is not connected to the internet? That is not just an image, but there’s a game hidden inside it.

How to play it?

Desktop users can just disconnect their computer from internet and perform some random search. Once you get the page having T-Rex dinosaur, press the space bar to activate the game. Your T-Rex will start running and you will have to avoid the cactus tree in the middle by clicking space bar to jump.


Android users have to disable the data pack or switch the phone to the airplane mode to play this game. After turning off the data, perform some random search for T-Rex to come. The only difference in Android game is that you have to tap on the screen to jump.

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