Fastest Commercial Train in the World: Maglev Levitating Train of Japan

maglev japan worlds fastest train
maglev japan worlds fastest train


Japan has built its own Maglev train, which will be one of the fastest commercial trains in the world. The train carried 100 passengers over a 48.2km span in Japan between the cities Uenohara and Fuefuki. Maglev touches a speed of 501km/hr, as shown in BBC footage.

Usually the journey between these two cities takes approximately 80 minimum but Maglev takes only 40 min to reach its destination. This means Maglev cuts off the time by half- which brings it in the category of one of the fastest commercial trains in the world.

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Shanghai Maglev Train was currently the fastest commercial train in the world, capable of reaching speeds of 431 km/hr but this time Japan’s Maglev has beaten it with the amazing speed of 501 km/hr.

The Maglev train is designed for commuters. It can carry up to 1,000 travelers in 16 cars. In addition to the “floating” carriages that hover a few millimeters above the track, the train’s elongated nose reduces wind resistance for quicker travel.

Maglev technology is an abbreviated name for magnetic levitation technology. This works by actually floating a train a short distance off its tracks and powering it forward using magnetic fields. This doesn’t use any wheels, axels and bearings. This means that these trains are unaffected by weather, such as heavy rain on the tracks. They’re also smoother and often quieter than the trains we’re used to now.


 Source: BBC


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