Skynet Edition Linux Kernel 4.1.15 From Terminator Is Finally Released

linux kernel 1 1 15 terminator
linux kernel 1 1 15 terminator
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Short Bytes: Linux kernel 4.1.15, a branch of 4.1.x LTS version, is now available for download. It’s the same version that ran on Skynet’s T-800 Terminator used by Arnold Schwarzenegger. It seems, just like fossBytes, Skynet cared a lot about open source

Back in February, when Linus Torvalds announced that it was time for the version 4.0 of Linux kernel, the Linux enthusiasts found an unlikely reason to be excited. Willing to know this reason? Around the same time, a Reddit user spotted that Skynet’s T-800 Terminator used by Arnold Schwarzenegger was actually running the same Linux kernel 4.1.15.

Earlier this week, Greg Kroah-Hartman released the Linux kernel 4.1.15. If we believe the Terminator movies, this release has brought Skynet closer to reality. It looks like Skynet knows why humans admire Linux.

If Linus Torvalds would have decided to walk on a straight line, the next logical kernel version after 3.19 would have been Linux 3.20 as kernel 4.0 wasn’t going to feature any massive change from Linux 3.19.

In the past, showing his love for Skynet, Linus Torvalds has made the following argument to support his decision:

The strongest argument for some people advocating 4.0 seems to have been a wish to see 4.1.15 – because “that was the version of Linux Skynet used for the T-800 terminator.

The time of 2.x and 3.x branch is now passed, and the 4.x branch is here with latest 4.1.15 release. Linux kernel 4.1.15 is the branch of 4.1.x LTS version and it’s available for download.

Read the kernel 4.1.15 changelog here and download it from Linux kernel archives right now.

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