Kindle Novelist Confesses Using AI-Writing Tools For Ideation

Open AI GPT-2

ChatGPT doesn’t need any introduction now. If you thought DALL-E2 was great, wait until you see this AI tool in action. Thousands of users are posting their experiences of using this AI-writing tool to shorten the process of content creation. Some are awestruck by the output, while others feel divided about the ethicality of the tool and the plagiarism associated with it. The Verge got in touch with one such Kindle writer who uses a GPT-3 based AI writing tool to fasten her ideation process.

Jennifer Lepp is a paranormal mystery author who regularly needs ideas for her future books and the tool Sudowrite to supplement her writing needs.

Does Jennifer write complete books using AI-writing tools?

No. The finesse isn’t just there. While we may jump to conclusions about writers not investing any effort and merely publishing what the tool spews out, the reality is far more different. Even if Jennifer tried to do so, it would take multiple interactions, each with varying degrees of natural language input, to make the tool produce each and every sentence the way she likes. After that, there would be a lot of editing required to make it a connected and engaging affair.

Jennifer did admit to using the writing tools for producing ideas and plots for her future books. Rather than glaring at a blank doc for days, she chose to input the gist of what she wanted for her new book, and the resulting plot was better than she expected. She feels that the tool is a lot of help in the initial stage of book writing. Still, the toll generates a compelling plot idea every time. She also uses it for titles and blurbs for her books.

The Kindle writer pointed out that you could use AI-writing tools like GPT-3 and ChatGPT for other purposes than churning out plots. You can use it for proofreading your documents too. But the main ingredient for writing an engaging book is still creativity, and Jennifer seems to realize that. She also shared an incident of using DALL-E2 to create a book cover because she couldn’t find the exact cat which resembled the story.

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