DALL-E2 Creates The World’s First AI-Generated Magazine Cover For Cosmopolitan

AI-Generated Magazine Cover
Image Credit: Cosmopolitan

Combining art and space can be unimaginable for a vast majority. However, the new artificial intelligence software will let users generate art from written prompts. Whether “a bowl of soup that is a portal to another dimension drawn on a cave wall” or “an astronaut was riding a horse in a photorealistic style,” DALL-E 2 can create it for you.

Although, the system is presently functioning on a limited measure with a waitlist for professional developers, artists, and online creators. Open AI has developed the system, a Microsoft-backed start-up that provides a text-to-picture conversion service through the AI model.

The company describes DALL-E 2 on its official website as “a new AI system that can create realistic images and art from a description in natural language.” The company launched the system in 2021, and it’s capable of generating higher resolution images while offering great precision, as per OpenAI’s website.

A potential innovator in designing

A Toronto-based industrial designer, Amol Kamath, while talking to CTVnews.ca in a phone interview, stated, “What DALL-E 2 does is something that until now had been considered one of the jobs that were automation-proof,”

He added, “It’s been a long-held belief in my field that because what we do is creative, artificial intelligence will never be able to replace us. But, given what they’ve been able to do with this piece of software, where you can effectively give a machine a prompt, and it will give you back what it thinks is the best representation of that product, it is amazing. Previously, that would’ve been the domain of a graphic designer or an illustrator.”

However, Kamath thinks that the software won’t be able to replace human designers entirely; instead, it will take the burden of creating simpler assignments.

In his words, “An example of a lower level project would be perhaps a newsletter assignment for a school or that a small entrepreneur looking for promotional materials… these can easily be done by a machine instead of a human,”

Kamath believes companies might rely more on the software for certain categories than low-level designers or freelancers. The software is currently in the testing phase for monumental scales. DALL-E 2 on Monday became the first AI-powered software to create a magazine cover for the Cosmopolitan magazine, as a team of editors, researchers at the OpenAI, and digital artist Karen X. Cheng facilitated it

However, certain concerns about AI-powered art forms impose limitations on explicit, violent, political, and adult content.

Kamath says, “Ethical considerations and bias will always be a factor in the design world,” “But DALL-E 2 could be the final frontier for automation. Whenever they come up with a finished product… it could put quite a lot of people out of work.”

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