ChatGPT: An AI That Can Build Human-Like Conversations

openai chatgpt
Image: Fossbytes / Priye Rai

OpenAI, a former Elon Musk-headed company, has released an AI chatbot proficient at conversing like humans. ChatGPT is yet another marvel of Artificial Intelligence that is closing the gap between man and machine. It can simulate human conversational skills and give replies in a more natural and non-robotic manner.

Based on the GPT 3.5 AI model, an improved version of GPT 3.0, ChatGPT can answer even the most complex questions in a seamless manner. However, it isn’t without its flaws. That’s because it sometimes produces wrong information as answers. Apparently, this happens due to its strict stat-based approach and lack of empirical knowledge. Moreover, its data beyond 2021 is limited and, hence, doesn’t always tell the correct things for that timeframe.

As per OpenAI, ChatGPT’s conversational approach allows it to “… answer followup (sic) questions, admit its mistakes, challenge incorrect premises, and reject inappropriate requests.” Many have put the wit of the OpenAI chatbot to use and found its replies satisfyingly comprehensive.

From programming topics to scriptwriting, ChatGPT seems to be adept in a variety of areas. As a result, people are comparing its answers to those of the world’s most popular search engine, Google — and there seems to be only one winner. A Twitter user noted how ChatGPT’s response to a certain question was much more detailed and didactic than that of Google.

Acknowledging its quality, OpenAI co-founder Elon Musk — who left the board of directors in 2018 but remains a donor — posted a tweet in its praise.

What’s fascinating is that ChatGPT’s applications aren’t just limited to math and science questions but transcend into art as well. Another Twitter user shared his amazement when the AI chatbot generated AI art based on the cues he provided.

Despite how impeccably good it is in most cases, the ChatGPT AI bot is still some time away from its full release. OpenAI is actively looking for more people to try and give feedback for improvement. At the time of writing, the chatbot is available to try for free on “,” after you create an OpenAI account.

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