KDE Plasma 5.11 Desktop Released With “Vault” — First Look Is Here

kde plasma 5.11
The much awaited KDE Plasma 5.11 desktop release is finally here. This autumn’s Plasma feature release follows Plasma 5.10 and brings lots of new features.

The major changes in this release deal with improved notifications, redesigned settings app (it’s added as an option), better task manager, etc. Notifications now has an option to optionally store missed and expired notifications in history.

Plasma 5.11 is the first release that comes with a new feature called Vault. It’ll turn out to be useful for those who store sensitive and important information on their computers. With the help of Plasma Vault, one can take advantage of strong encryption and encrypt documents.

plasma-vault-weeThe other changes in this release pertain to app launcher menu and Folder View. Lots of work has also been put into Plasma on Wayland. Wayland compositor can now apply scaling based on pixel density of a screen to improve user experience. XWayland improvements have also been made to allow a completely X-free experience.

Find the complete KDE Plasma 5.11 release notes here.

Plasma 5.11 First Look:

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