Reliance Jio, in addition to its several apps, has launched yet another app, going by the name JioBrowser in India.

The JioBrowser app is touted to be one of India’s first browsing apps intended for Indian users.

The new app provides users with important news, trending events, videos, and much more all at a single place.

With a size of just 4.8MB, the app is a light one for fast and easy browsing. It supports around 8 Indian languages.

JioBrowser app

Additionally, the app can be customized by choosing the Local News category to keep updated about things happening around the users.

JioBrowser app

The JioBrowser app allows users to access top sites, use the Incognito mode for private surfing over the Internet and lets users share news to his or her contacts and via social media.

JioBrowser app

In addition to this, the app comes with the option to manage downloads and browsing history.

The JioBrowser app is currently available for the Android users and is listed on the Google Play Store.

However, the app is currently not available for the iPhone users and there is no word on its availability for the iOS users.

Furthermore, Reliance Jio has invited feedback on part of the users for further enhancing the user experience.

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