AI Will Stop You From Sharing Netflix Password With Friends

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If you are someone who watches all the latest Netflix series using your friend’s credentials, a new AI tech is here to prevent you from doing so.

A London based company named Synamedia which intends to empower Pay TV operators and video streaming websites is planning to launch an AI-based service to crack down on password sharing.

The service dubbed Credentials Sharing Insights will keep a check on casual password sharing as well as criminal enterprises who want to mint money by reselling Pay TV login credentials.

However, the company wants to focus majorly on those who share their passwords with friends, family members, and roommates out of generosity.

In an interview with Variety, Synamedia’s CEO said, “The way you secure OTT is evolving.” Earlier, to curb this habit of users, cable TV operators used secured devices such as locked down devices and smart cards for decrypting satellite TV.

With cord-cutting on the rise, online streaming is causing the slow death of cable TV operators. Operators are trying everything to make things easier for the end user. “Passwords are easy to share,” said the CEO.

According to a report by Parks Associate, users’ habit of sharing passwords of streaming services with their friends could dent a whopping $9.9 billion to the industry by 2021.

Synamedia’s Credential Sharing Insights service evaluates users’ streaming habits including their physical location and usage pattern to train an AI-based system.

The system would, then, rate the users between 1 and 10 where 1 indicates that the user is likely not sharing the password and 10 represents a user who has a high probability of sharing passwords with someone.

With this data, streaming companies would try to persuade users who are most likely sharing their passwords to purchase subscriptions with additional simultaneous streams.

Companies could also target the offenders by displaying a message that would urge them to pay up or refrain from sharing the passwords.

Do you believe in sharing account credentials with your friends? Will you be affected by this AI? Tell us in the comments.

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