Find a Bug in Windows 10, Get Up to $100,000 Microsoft Bug Bounty

bug bounty windows 10 microsoft
bug bounty windows 10 microsoft

bug-bounty-windows-10-microsoftShort Bytes: Microsoft has announced that it has updated its bug bounty program and increased the maximum $50,000 reward to $100,000. This increment makes perfect sense as Windows 10 is facing criticism on security grounds. 

Here’s a great news for all the security researchers busy in finding bugs in Windows 10. Microsoft has announced that its original Microsoft bug bounty program will reward up to $100,000 to those spotting problems in Microsoft products. It should be noted that relatively, Microsoft is new in the bug bounty industry. Trying to make Windows 10 and other products safer to use, it has joined the leagues of the other companies that give away big rewards as bug bounties.

In a blog post, Microsoft’s Jason Shirk writes that Windows maker is very pleased to expand the Microsoft Bug Bounty Program. This makes perfect sense given the fact that Windows 10 is facing criticism over its privacy settings and it is busy releasing updates to the users. The company has used the Black Hat USA 2015 as a platform to announce its updated program where security enthusiasts can visit Microsoft’s Networking Lounge to participate in events and win prizes.

The company has raised the Bounty for Defense from a maximum $50,000 USD to $100,000 along with a bonus period for Authentication vulnerabilities in the Online Service Bug Bounty. Payouts during this period will be twice the normal amount and researchers can earn up to $30,000 for an Authentication vulnerability submission.

Read more about the Microsoft Bug Bounty program here. 

Along with these steps, Microsoft has also added RemoteApp’s name to the domain list covered in the Online Service Bug Bounty. For those who don’t know, RemoteApp allows you to run Windows app hosted anywhere on lots of different devices.

With the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft wants the independent security researchers to find bugs and fixes. It should be noted that such loopholes and vulnerabilities are exploited by the black hats to  snoop into the systems.

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