Microsoft Invests $1 Billion In Musk-Founded OpenAI To Improve Its Azure AI

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Microsoft has partnered with Elon Musk co-founded OpenAI and invested $1 billion in the venture to create Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) with advanced AI capabilities.

Both Microsoft and OpenAI have joined hands to build a hardware and software platform, which will involve Microsoft’s Azure to develop Azure AI supercomputing technologies. Additionally, Microsoft will be OpenAI’s exclusive cloud partner for the technologies both companies are building together.

What Is AGI?

Microsoft and OpenAI have collaborated for Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), which is an enhanced branch of AI to perform more complex and advanced tasks. AGI will be able to grasp more skills than a human has and will combine the skills of personalities such as Curie, Turing, and Bach.

Apart from solving difficult problems, AGI will come with the capability to solve “intractable multi-disciplinary problems” such as climate change, affordable and high-quality healthcare, and personalized education.

How Will The Partnership Be Effective?

The aim of the partnership between Microsoft and OpenAI is to provide the world with new AI capabilities which will ultimately benefit society.

Both Microsoft and OpenAI have been working hard on the AI path, bringing forth new technologies every year and their combined effort could lead to better AI we can experience.

As we don’t know exactly what would be the end product of the collaboration, stay tuned to Fossbytes to know more.

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