Mark Zuckerberg Shows Off Project Cambria, Meta’s High-End VR Headset

Mark Zuckerberg Shows Off Cambria, Meta's High-End VR Headset
Image: YouTube

Mark Zuckerberg is one of the top voices in the big tech who is rooting for Metaverse. Meta is working on a new VR headset that will surpass the capabilities of the existing Oculus Quest 2 headset. The upcoming VR headset may be named Project Cambria.

Mark Zuckerberg demonstrated the immersive experience that the new headset will offer. Rather than being a complete VR experience, it will focus on augmented reality.

Project Cambria

Project Cambria will be the first of many devices in the Meta VR headset ecosystem. The upcoming headset will be the first to allow complete color passthrough. The current generation VR headsets from Occulus can only offer grey color passthrough.

Mark Zuckerberg posted a video on Facebook showcasing the Project Cambria headset in action. He kept the headset blurred which is an attempt to shield it from the prying eyes of copycats. Nevertheless, a clean look at the headset would garner more trust from the Metaverse evangelists.

Project Cambria
Image: Facebook

More Details

The video gave a glimpse of the AR headset’s capabilities and how things would look inside. Meta also released a video on YouTube which offers a detailed look at what the device is capable of. Project Cambria will pack in higher resolution sensors to support a high-resolution Immersive AR experience.

The YouTube video highlights the augmented world that Metaverse plans on building. It won’t be merely for recreation but will offer possibilities to blend workspace and fun together. The video shows a presenter having fun with AR games like chess and fishing in her living room, all of which sound like a temporary break.

But the main highlight is that the images and resolution look far better and more colorful which heightens the sense of realism.

Meta aims to promote the culture of Metaverse aka the virtual world and is putting in time and resources into the same. Project Cambria is just the first generation of devices that you will need to experience Metaverse in all its glory.

There aren’t any more details about the hardware because the video obscured the headset. But you can expect the headset to become available this year. What do you think of Project Cambria? Does AR sound convincing enough to keep hooked to a headset for long hours? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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