Is Genshin Impact Down? Can You Still Play Genshin?

Asian servers have taken a hit!

Is Genshin Impact Down? Can You Still Play Genshin?
Image: Genshin Impact Play Store

Genshin impact is down and its outages are affecting users. The widely popular role-playing game is facing outages causing little or no response from the servers.

According to, the game started facing issues at around 1:30 AM PST and still is quite unplayable for many users. Players are quite upset and looking for solutions online.

Is Genshin Impact down?

Is Genshin Impact Down? Can You Still Play Genshin?
Image: Genshin impact Play Store

Many players are currently reporting different problems while playing the game. However, The major problem lies with the Asian server, the server is down and players are getting very high ping. The ping is reported to reach as high as 1000 ms

Many are having difficulties logging in as it’s taking quite a while to enter the game. Players even reported that changing characters in between has become difficult as it becomes non-responsive sometimes. Damage dealt with to the enemies also does not seem to be registering.

Players are quite upset and are taking drastic measures, some even claim to have reinstalled the game a few times for it to work. Even restarting multiple times did not work for many players. The outages continue to last at the time of writing, however, you can keep track on for when the problems resolve.

Although, players of the Asian server are facing lots of difficulties; servers like Europe are up and running. You currently can not play Genshin impact as the Asian server is acting up. so we’d advise you to sit out the outages. Comment your thoughts down below.

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