‘Ms. Marvel’ Episode 4 Debuts Farhan Akhtar But Marvel Messes Up Big Time

Farhan Akhtar
Image: Disney+

Ever since it was announced that Farhan Akhtar would be joining the MCU with the Disney+ miniseries Ms. Marvel, fans have been eager to see what the actor has to offer. For the longest time, details about his role were kept under wraps. But today, Disney+ released a teaser for Akhtar’s Waleed, a mysterious mentor-like character who knows more about Ms. Marvel/Kamala Khan’s family history than she does.

New Ms. Marvel trailer features Farhan Akhtar

The new Ms. Marvel trailer introduces Farhan Akhtar as Waleed. He appears as a type of mystic wearing a kurta. He tells Kamala Khan, “What you seek is seeking you,” as counsel. Could that imply that he will help Kamala in comprehending her recently acquired cosmic powers? Although it’s not clear what it implies, it appears that we’ll find out shortly.

Also staring Aramis Knight as Kareem/Red Dagger, the clip opens with him leading Iman Vellani’s title character into a mysterious location. And they are met by Farhan’s character. “Usually, tourists are not allowed,” Kareem says, as Kamala seems impressed with her surroundings.

And then, Farhan’s character appears from behind her, and says, “But for a descendant of Ayesha’s, I’m sure we can make an exception.” He continues, “My name is Waleed. Your great-grandmother’s story is of legend. When you’re ready, we have much to discuss.”

But Marvel Messes Up Big Time

Farhan is just one of numerous South Asian actors who have made appearances in the MCU series. It has also starred Pakistani actor Fawad Khan and has Mohan Kapur as a titular character. It has also included songs by Pakistani and Indian musicians as well as various allusions to South Asian popular culture.

As the clip is making momentum on social media, desi-MCU fans continue to express their delight at seeing a familiar face in the show. What has piqued our interest, however, is Marvel Studios’ blunder in the YouTube video’s description section.

They appear to have also used Farhan Akhtar’s official social media handle on YouTube, which reads “Farout Akhtar.” While they appear to have used the same caption across all platforms, it appears they made another error by adding “Need to confirm title” at the end.

The fourth episode of Ms. Marvel will air on Disney+Hotstar on June 29, followed by the final two episodes in the coming weeks.

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