iPhone 11 Pro May Have Reverse Wireless Charging Built-in; Apple Disabled It

Apple iPhone 11, 11 Pro Wireless Charging

One of the most anticipated iPhone 11, Pro, and Pro Max features that Apple didn’t bring to the stage was reverse wireless charging. It’s the tech that enables smartphones to wirelessly charge compatible accessories and even other smartphones.

However, reports have started flooding the internet that Apple has included the hardware for bilateral wireless charging on the new iPhones. But the company disabled it before packing them into boxes.

This news initially came from Apple leakster Sonny Dickson in a tweet and soon invited a hoard of comments on Reddit discussions. In the past, strong predictions about the said feature were made by Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and Mark Gurman, but Apple probably has other plans.

The company also didn’t say a word about the rumored Tile-alternative and silently displayed the U1 chip details stuffed with other iPhone specs. The U1 chip improves AirDrop sharing on 2019 iPhones, as you can simply point the iPhone at other users and prioritize them in your share list.

Adding support for reverse wireless charging could have given iPhones an extra point in the competition with other flagships including Galaxy Note 10 which already includes the feature.

Still, it remains unknown why Apple disabled the hardware. But if it’s there in the first place, in that case, it would just take a mere software update for the company to turn in on. Maybe Apple has some special plans, and it will enable the feature with the release of the next AirPods.

Via Engadget

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