Fortnite Season 6 Adding Audio Cues To Hear The Slightest Sound Of Approaching Enemies

Playing Fortnite is not an easy task; it takes patience and steadfast dedication. No wonder, the battle-royal game is causing distress in relationships. Truth is players really want to be good at it, and those visual and audio cues within the game help a lot.

Moreover, finding those spatial cues is what differentiates rookies from professional. Epic games understand that too which is why Fortnite Season 6 will have massive audio improvements. This new audio upgrades will help you discern the environment and recognize enemies beforehand.

Starting with footsteps, Fortnite update 6.00 will bring high contrasting footsteps sounds, i.e., the difference between above and below sounds will be stronger. Also, it will be more simple to pinpoint the location of the enemy from his footsteps, even in a combat situation as well.

Fortnite is also adding more in-air movement sounds such as falling and being flung by shockwaves. Apart from that, the update will include improved spatial audio cues for gliders. Now you will know in advance if an enemy is gliding close to you.

Fortnite Season 6 official start date is September 27th, which is just only a one-day after the Fortnite’s one-year anniversary.

There is no surety that spatial audio cues update will arrive immediately at the launch. However, it is something to look forward to, considering how difficult it is to play without any audio cues. Not to mention, how unrealistic the shooting games become without those subtle hints.

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