Indian Railways Develops AI Robot To Find Faults In Trains

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To eliminate human errors in the Indian Railways system, the mechanical branch of Central Railways has come up with an AI-powered robot that will capture pictures of under-gear equipment of the trains in real-time and will send them to authorities.

The AI robot, named USTAAD [Undergear Surveillance Through Artificial Intelligence Assisted Droid], would be tasked to capture images and make videos of under-gear parts of the coaches and send them to engineers through WiFi in real time.

According to Central Railways spokesperson Sunil Udasi, the camera attached to the robot can be rotated in any direction and gives real-time images and videos to engineers who are sitting in the control room.

The robot is attached with LED floor lights in order to capture low-light images of the under-gears of the trains. Additionally, it can detect sounds of a flat type, during placement of the rake on the Pit Line.

Train accidents have become a particularly critical issue in India. In October, the country witnessed a train accident in the city of Amritsar where more than 59 people lost their lives and at least 100 people were injured.

Many of such train accidents happen in the country because of technical issues that occur while the train is running. Hopefully, the new AI-powered robot USTAAD will help in curbing such accidents.

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