Report Says Small Devs On App Store Made 113% More Money In Past Two Years

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A new research report by Analysis Group highlights that Apple App Store developers are thriving on the platform. News about third-party apps dominating the App Store broke out a few weeks back. Now, this research highlights the favorable environment that Apple offers to developers to scale their apps.

Developers also made a lot of money after publishing apps on the platform. Many developers touched the milestone of $1 million in-app revenues.

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Apple published a new release highlighting the research conducted by the analysis group. According to the research, the small-scale developers on the App Store witnessed a 113% increase in their earnings. The increase in earnings is double than what the large scale developers make on the App Store.

Apple says that covid forced many small businesses to migrate to digital services. It was a boon for the App Store developers who created and published a lot of digital products including e-commerce apps.

Entrepreneurs have continued to create new businesses, innovate through the rapidly changing environment of the past two years, and grow teams of coders, designers, and creatives — contributing to one of the most thriving and innovative global markets that exist today,” said Apple.

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Increase in entrepreneurial opportunities

Apple described that the App Store became a hotspot for entrepreneurial opportunities. App developers from numerous countries joined the store in 2021 and began solving problems with useful apps. Among the new developers, 24 percent came from Europe, 23 percent from China, 14 percent from the US, 4.3 percent from Japan, and 34 percent from other regions including Korea, India, and Brazil.

According to Apple, there is a significant increase in the number of app developers who make more than $1 million in revenue. Five years back, these developers who weren’t on the App Store, didn’t experience such a level of growth and success. Furthermore, Apple attributes its global presence in 174 countries as a lucrative proposition for exposure.

App Store developers are surely happy with the increase in revenue. In other news, Apple added two new rules for developers active on the App Store. Do you think App Store offers an extensive variety of apps? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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