Teenager Dies As Smartphone Explodes While On Charge Overnight

smartphone explodes while on charge
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As part of another ‘smartphone explosions’ incident, a teenager succumbed to her smartphone’s battery explosion while she was asleep at night. The tragic incident took place in Bastobe, Kazakhstan.

Another Smartphone Explosion Case

As per a report by The New Zealand Herald, the 14-year girl named Alua Asetkyzy Abzalbek was asleep during night when her smartphone caught fire and exploded. One thing to note is that the smartphone was charging at that time.

The following day, the teenager was found dead in her bed. It’s suggested that she was listening to music before falling asleep. 

Additionally, it is indicated that the girl suffered severe injuries on the head and was dead immediately after the explosion occurred. 

The police found the smartphone connected to the power socket in the morning during the investigation.

While there is no word on which smartphone it was, the forensic reports suggest that the smartphone exploded in the early morning hours due to overheating as it was charging.

Past Incidents Like These

There have been incidents in the past wherein a smartphone has caught fire and burst into flames.

A recent one involves the Xiaomi Redmi 6A, which exploded in the pockets of a man named Madhu Babu. The episode happened in the East Godavari district, which is a part of the South Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. The Redmi 6A exploded due to battery issues.

Another incident took place midnight wherein a user’s OnePlus One exploded, even when it was neither on a charge nor was switched on. This incident was a first for OnePlus.

A Possible Solution?

While most of the smartphones these days have the auto-cut feature, it’s best advised to not leave your smartphone on the charge overnight.

For those who don’t know, the auto-cut feature stops the charging of a battery once it is fully charged.

Another possible solution to avoid battery explosions is research on part of researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the University, which is that of a fireproof battery.

The inexpensive method to avoid smartphone explosion will be possible due to a process known as ‘Oobleck.’ You can head over here to know more about it.

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