How To Get More Likes On Facebook Posts

Facebook like frenzy
Facebook like frenzy

Facebook-like-frenzyWhile you share an incredibly happy moment or a deep thought on social media or change to a new dashing profile picture, one thing that you want is your post to get a maximum reach and thumbs up from your friends. But confusing as always is, how? Not everyone has the idea how to get more likes on Facebook and how Facebook decides to keep some posts at the top throughout the day while others hide into oblivion.

TimingYes, it all depends on your timing of updating yourself on the social media. According to a new study conducted by Klout, a social media analytics company that measures and gives you score based on your reach and influence on social media, timing is of essence. Some users that have become pros of using Facebook and Twitter might know this art of getting more likes on Facebook .

The team analyzed over 25 million Facebook posts and about 140 million reactions like Likes and Comments on them. The results are quite informative for the users. Sharing your posts at certain times of the day (late mornings, early afternoons and late evenings) and during certain days of the week (Tuesday and Wednesday) are bound to get you maximum responses from your friends and colleague.

Well, it would also depend on the fact whether you live in the country of morning birds or insomniacs. Take a look at the analysis results by Klout: (City wise behavior of users on Facebook (top) and Twitter(bottom))


The graph shows the likelihood of your posts getting viral on Facebook (top) and Twitter (bottom) during different times of the day and week. Here San Francisco is depicted by red, New York by dotted green, London is dotted blue, Paris is the dotted purple one and Tokyo is shown by a dotted aqua line.

If you are a New Yorker, then the best time to post and update is slightly before noon. In San Francisco the time ideal to share is around 9 am to 10 am. Japanese like to start their day early morning, so around 8 am comes the result for them. In Paris the team found a peak in the morning and then again in the afternoon. If you live in London, then early afternoon is the optimal time.

Overall, early afternoons are the best time to share your posts with the world. In days, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the rage among the social media users. And the reach goes on decreasing thereafter dipping the lowest on Saturdays. Well, there are no questions regarding that. It is Saturday people.

The reactions also depend on the users’ age groups and also of their media friends. Teens and college students are likely to get more ‘likes and comments’ on their posts through out the evening to late night. Users in the working class get more attention during the day time.

So now you know how to get more likes on your Facebook posts and profile picture. Go and share the tactics with your friends.

Source: Klout, Image: Deviantart

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