How To Block Websites On Your iPhone?

Then lock those settings with a passcode.

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You can easily block websites on the iPhone using the content & privacy restrictions. Whether it is your iPhone or it belongs to your child, you can block explicit content and set other restrictions using this feature.

Since these settings are part of your iPhone, you don’t need to download a third-party app to keep track of these settings. Here’s how to block websites on the iPhone in a couple of simple steps.

How to block websites on the iPhone

1. Go to Settings and select Screen Time.

1. Block websites on iPhone

2. Select Content & Privacy Restrictions.

2. Block websites on iPhone

3. Turn on Content & Privacy Restrictions.

3. How to Block websites on iPhone

4. Select Content Restrictions.

4. Block websites on iPhone

5. Select Web Content.

5. How to Block websites on iPhone

6. Set Limit Adult Websites.

6. Block websites on iPhone

7. Add the website you want to block under the NEVER ALLOW section.

7. Block websites on iPhone

Lock blocked websites

If you’re setting up content restrictions on a kid’s iPhone, you might want to lock those with a password. You can do this with the following steps:

1. Go to Settings and select Screen Time.

1. Lock with passcode

2. Scroll down and select Use Screen Time Passcode.

2. Lock with passcode

3. Set a passcode and confirm it by re-entering the code.

3. Lock screen time settings with passcode on iPhone

4. You can also link it to your iCloud ID to reset it if you forget the passcode.

4. block websites on iPhone and lock with passcode

More ways to block sites

If you want to block websites on your kid’s iPhone, you can choose to do so another way. Follow the steps in the above tutorial up to Step 6. Now Select Allowed Websites Only, and you’ll see a list of safe websites that are the only content your child can browse.

1. Allowed websites only

Scroll to the end of the listed websites, and you’ll see an Add Website button. You can use this to add sites that you want to allow.

2. Allowed websites only- block websites on iPhone

If you want to delete any allowed sites, swipe left on the website’s name in the list and tap delete.

3. Allowed websites only- block websites on iPhone

If you choose to limit adult websites, Safari will only block adult content and let you access other sites. Choose Allowed websites only, and you can select which websites you want to enable on your iPhone.

Also, if you’re using Chrome or any other browser, you can tweak the SafeSearch settings to remove explicit content from your Google search results. These are the best ways to block websites on the iPhone and put on a content filter.

Blocking websites aside, did you know your iPhone has a water eject shortcut? If your iPhone gets caught in a splash now and then, this nifty shortcut might help you out.

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