How To Add Movies And TV Shows To Google Watchlist?

How to add movies to google watchlist

Google is planning to make the tracking of your favorite TV shows and movies a very simple process. The search engine has launched a brand new feature that lets users create their personal Google watchlist.

This move by Google is touted to revolutionize the way we create and maintain watchlists. Smartphone users can simply access the feature by typing “what to watch” in the Google search bar.

The top search result will include what to watch feature of Google. People will see two different tabs including the ‘browse’ tab and the ‘watchlist tab’.

The recommendations in the browse category are based on what’s trending on the internet, brand new shows and movies, and highly searched videos on YouTube, and Google Search.

How To Add TV Shows And Movies To Google Watchlist?

  1. Open Google search in any browser, type “what to watch” and hit the search button
  2. The search result will appear on the screen and you’ll see the watchlist feature in the top search resultwhat to watch search results
  3. Tap on the browse tab and you’ll see different movies and shows suggestions as per the filters chosen by youbrowse tab
  4. Click on any movie or tv show title and you will see a watchlist buttonAdd movie to google watchlist
  5. Tap on the watchlist button to add the show in your watchlist

The watchlist feature is synced across your Google account which makes it highly useful as you can access your watchlist from anywhere. As of now, the feature is only available for smartphones.

So if you are going to watch a show or movie on your laptop, it would be good for you to keep your smartphone with you. Moreover, the feature is available in selected countries only and will be soon rolled out globally.

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