Hot Or Not? This Website Uses AI To Tell How Attractive You REALLY Are

hot or not app blinq zurich ai
hot or not app blinq zurich ai

hot or not app blinq zurich ai

Short Bytes: Honestly, you don’t need any app or machine to rate your attractiveness. However, Zurich University has dared to take some help from the artificial intelligence field and made a website that rates your pictures. Know more about it and take the test.

The new Hot Or Not app in town uses artificial intelligence to tell you how hot you are. If you are struggling to decide if your next profile picture will get tons of likes on social media, you can head over to the Blinq photo app, devised in conjunction with the University of Zurich.

This website rates your pictures on six scales — Hmm.., OK, Nice, Hot, Stunning, and Godlike. Apart from your looks, the website also estimates your age and gender. The website is for fun purposes, and although it mentions the research used for the program, a disclaimer doesn’t forget to say “don’t take the results too seriously.”

Here’s a picture of mine. I was rated “Nice” and guessed to be 29 in the picture. Well, I’m a few years short of 29, but I’m willing to excuse this app.

hot or not ai blinq zurich adarshIt uses an algorithm based on the pictures of the Switzerland-based Blinq community. So, the perception of attractiveness might be different in the other parts of the world.

The website mentions that it doesn’t save the uploaded images and avoids showing results for underage people. So, there you go –upload your best selfie, take the test, and share the results with us.

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