Devin AI: Everything You Need To Know About “World’s 1st AI Software Engineer”

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Artificial Intelligence chatbots have taken the world by storm, be it by allowing individuals to make songs or create images. However, perhaps the best implementation of these chatbots is in the coding/programming industry, where they can potentially streamline time-consuming tasks such as debugging. While platforms like OpenAI’s ChatGPT or Google’s Gemini boast extensive programming capabilities, concerns about data security have hindered their widespread adoption. Addressing this issue is a startup called Cognition Labs, which aims to assist programmers with its AI software engineer chatbot, Devin AI. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

What can Devin do?

According to Cognition Labs, Devin isn’t just another AI assistant capable of writing code. Instead, the AI is designed to simplify the process of debugging, writing, and deploying code while understanding simple commands and translating them into a finished product.

Currently, in the beta stage, Devin comes equipped with its code editor, command-line interface, and browser, enabling it to work autonomously without external interference. Its ability to plan and execute complex projects and its capacity to learn from past experiences and autonomously rectify mistakes could significantly enhance any engineer’s workflow.

However, to truly understand its capabilities, we need to look at a real-life example. When tasked with creating a Game of Life website, Devin translated simple language commands from the user into a fully functional website. Moreover, when asked about the errors, the AI fixed them and incorporated print statements into the code, helping user understanding.

Furthermore, Devin’s ability to quickly learn new technologies by scouring the internet ensures that it stays up-to-date. Additionally, the AI leverages research repositories to train and refine its algorithms continuously.

Benchmark results

Image of the Devin AI benchmark results
Image: Cognition Labs

You might wonder how Devin compares to AI chatbots like ChatGPT and Claude. In SWE-bench, a benchmark comprising thousands of software engineering problems sourced from GitHub issues, Devin outperformed every competitor, including Claude 2, LLAMA, and GPT 4. Moreover, unlike with other AI chatbots, Cognition Labs claims that they only evaluated Devin on a 25% subset of the dataset without any assistance.

When will Devin be available to the public?

While Cognition Labs has not disclosed specific details regarding the rollout, the company is currently accepting applications from businesses interested in implementing the chatbot.

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