Here’s The First Video Footage Of Nothing Phone 1

Nothing Phone 1 in a video
Image: YouTube

Carl Pei’s determination to bring something unique with his brand ‘Nothing” is commendable. Nothing launched its wireless earbuds last year which had mixed reception. But they sported a quirky transparent design that revealed the intricate architecture. Now the Nothing Phone 1 is being increasingly hyped by the brand.

Nothing held an event in Switzerland where it showcased its new phone. YouTube channel Das kann was among the fortunate ones to get a glance at the phone. Yesterday, Nothing also teased the photos of the Nothing Phone 1.

What does the video reveal about Nothing Phone 1?

Nothing much. Yes, that’s what we would conclude after looking at the video. The phone was kept inside plexiglass, so none could have hands-on experience with it. It was an eyes-only affair with the phone placed rear side up. One interesting thing however was that certain areas of the Nothing Phone 1 glow. It could be a purely aesthetic design but being a notification LED system makes more sense.

Three areas of the Nothing Phone 1 glow. The biggest one is the pill-shaped LED around the camera module. The rest two are just angled lines. One at the top and one at the bottom. The phone already appears different from the rest of the flagships you see today. The photos on Twitter and the video showcase a white back with a magnetic charging coil in the center. It isn’t visible but the shape suggests that it will support wireless charging.

Nothing Phone 1
Image: YouTube

Nothing Phone 1 kept the front side of the phone a secret and may reveal it in the coming weeks. It will be interesting to see the notch design that the company will offer with its very first phone. Nothing Phone 1 will launch on July 12 and before that, it is just a long wait to confirm the specs and features.

Meanwhile, ZTE Axom 40 Ultra has a hidden selfie shooter. Maybe, Nothing could integrate a tech like that in its upcoming phone. Are you excited for Nothing Phone 1? Will Carl Pei launch something extraordinary? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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