GTA 6 Character Revealed In Voice Actor’s Resume

GTA 6 Character Revealed In Voice Actor's Resume

GTA Fans are mad, and I mean really mad after the rumor, Rockstar will announce GTA 6 in March, turned out to be wrong. However, they are still all ears to learn anything about the project. That is because bits of information about the game clarifies that the game is in development.

Recently, a resume of actor Jorge Consejo surfaced on the Internet revealing a GTA 6 character. In the resume, the actor clearly mentioned one of his roles for Grand Theft Auto 6. 

Consejo titled his role as “The Mexican” for the film “Grand Theft Auto VI”. Also, as per the resume, he isn’t the lead role in GTA 6; instead, he will be featured as a side character.

The voice actor worked for Rockstar Games in 2018 and is very well known for his Spanish Language works.

Now, the interesting part is that the actor himself responded on his leaked resume. Consejo tweeted that because of “contract stipulations,” he can’t comment on specific projects.

Consejo’s tweet confirms that he did work for Rockstar, because if that resume was fake, then he could have simply clarified that.

There were a lot of GTA 6 leaks that speculated that we would go back to Vice City while also giving a visit to Chicago and the “Mexico City.” We don’t know if that’s true or not, but a GTA 6 character by the name “The Mexican” does make that rumor close to being true.

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