OnePlus To Bring Always On Display Feature On OxygenOS

OnePlus Always on display coming

OnePlus users have been requesting the Always On Display feature for their OxygenOS devices for a long time. Better late than never, the smartphone maker has finally bowed down to the masses.

OnePlus yesterday announced on Twitter that the Always-on display feature is “on our roadmap.” In other words, the feature will likely pop-up in one of the future updates; however, it didn’t say when.

Always-On Display (AOD) was first popularized with Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. Today, several manufacturers consider it to be an essential feature and bundle it in their high-end smartphones.

For those who don’t know, with AOD turned on a smartphone, users can take a glance at the time, date, relevant notifications, and other tidbits, without touching the phone.

The feature only works on AMOLED displays because of its capability to light up specific pixels on the screen while other pixels are switched off. Thereby, Always On Display helps in reducing battery consumption as well.

Despite being the most requested feature and gaining more than 1K likes on the OnePlus Ideas portal, OnePlus previously restrained from including AOD in its devices, citing battery concerns.

It appears OnePlus has finally listened to its fans and decided to bring Always On Display to its devices. We don’t know which OnePlus devices will be getting the feature, but as far as we can see, all OnePlus devices are eligible for AOD.

OnePlus might also launch AOD first as a OnePlus 8 exclusive feature, later rolling out to previous generations over the months. Google does it all the time with its Pixel series.

While OnePlus ready Always On Display for OxygenOS devices, users can try out Google Assistant’s “Ambient Mode,” which brings the same functionality of AOD, however, it activates only while the device is being charged.

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