“The Gray Man” Release Date & Time: Can I Watch It For Free?

The Gray Man Netflix release date and time
Image credit: Netflix

‘The Gray Man’ hit the ground running with its theatrical release last week. The film is destined for success with an all-star cast of Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, Ana de Armas, and Dhanush. So much so that the 2022 action thriller movie has the potential to become one of the top earning films of the year.

As for its plot, it focuses on the CIA’s most skilled operative. Although the operative’s identity is unknown, he has discovered dark secrets about the organization. This leads to a former colleague placing a massive bounty on his head.

The result? A global man-hunt begins with the rulebook thrown out of the window. If you think you will enjoy this movie, then keep reading further. In this article, we will shed some light on its online release date and whether you can watch the film for free or not.

‘The Gray Man’ release date: Where to watch it online?

The Gray Man Netflix release date and time
Image credit: Netflix

Considering the movie has some vast names featured in it, an equally colossal streaming platform will do it justice. Yes, you probably guessed it right. The movie is all set to release online on Netflix.

As for its release date, set your reminders for July 22, 2022. Like most huge releases, The Gray Man will be added at 12:00 AM PT/3:00 AM ET/12:30 PM IST. For further assistance, you can check our guide on the Netflix release time schedule.

Can I watch ‘The Gray Man’ for free on Netflix?

This is where we have to become the bearer of bad news. While it is well-known that Netflix is a subscription-based platform, it no longer provides a free trial to new users. Thus, watching the film for free on Netflix is technically impossible. But on the bright side, some users can still get a free Netflix account with the help of these offers mentioned below:

  1. Free year-long subscription with Verizon Fios
  2. T-Mobile will give a basic and standard subscriptions for $8.99 and $13.99
  3. Jio Postpaid Plans starting at Rs. 399
  4. Vi Redx plan at Rs 1099 per month

This is pretty much it from our end. What are your expectations from Dhanush’s Hollywood debut? Feel free to share your views in the comments section below.

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