Google Search Will Now Warn You If It Does Not Have Reliable Results

Google Search update

In the coming days, Google Search will let you know if it doesn’t have reliable results for your query. This update is Google’s attempt to fact-check the flow of fake news.

So if you look for a fresh topic on Google, it’ll prompt you with a message. A screenshot of the message shows Google displaying a box saying it may “take time for results to be added by reliable sources.”

Google Search Result Cutting Fake News

Search results on Google will now have a prompt to warn users against fake news. The company confirmed the feature to Recode a week ago. Google search is a popular way for people to verify if a story is true.

However, results from non-credible sources often lead to users believing in misinformation. With the new prompt, Google is basically asking users to wait till results from a reliable source pour in.

A representative from Google told Recode that the message doesn’t say if the results are right or wrong, but only points out that the results are quickly changing.

This Google Search update will work by observing social media trends and checking them with what people are searching for. In any case, if an event is unfolding, the results can now ask users to be patient instead of going with half-baked stories.

However, it isn’t clear how Google will implement this in the highly dynamic news scenario. The company has been working on its Google News Initiative to aid journalists, creating a base of Google-powered news network.

Considering this, Google Search along with Google News may be a credible source of information or fact-checking. This refinement is likely to help Google’s image in the times when it is challenged by privacy-oriented search engines like DuckDuckGo and Brave Search.

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