Riverdale season 7
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Riverdale, The CW’s chaotic and frequently meme’d young adult drama series, is nearing the end of its sixth season. What began as a gritty take on the classic Archie Comics, with the murder of Jason Blossom shaking the small retro town to its core, has evolved into something far wilder than anyone could have imagined in recent seasons.

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Despite a devoted fan base, it was announced earlier this year that Riverdale season 7 will be the last one. And now the showrunner has revealed a plot line for season 7. Keep reading to find out.

Riverdale season 7: Totally surprising and yet completely inevitable

During an interview with ColliderRiverdale‘s Aguirre-Sacasa revealed his reaction to the plot line for season 7. Although details were kept under the wraps, he promises an outrageous conclusion. Check out Aguirre-Sacasa’s storyline below:

“We’ve got a few more episodes to air, and then I’m really excited about Season 7. And though it is not what I originally imagined, it’s kind of perfect. It’s totally surprising, and yet completely inevitable, so I’m really excited. But no, I’m not gonna lie, I had an idea for where it was gonna end, and we were going there, but then when we were wrapping up Season 6 and having conversations about Season 7, a new idea came in that we’re really excited about.”


Riverdale’s cancellation comes shortly after The CW canceled several other shows, including Dynasty, Charmed, and Legacies. Although the show is coming to an end, it appears that great care is being taken to make sure the series ends on a high note.

Given that Shipka has reportedly confirmed that Sabrina Spellman will return for Riverdale season 7, it is safe to assume that the showrunners are acting rationally to wrap up the series in a way that makes sense and respects the audience. Riverdale is known for its unexpected twists. And given that the showrunner has admitted to being shocked by the final season’s direction, anything is possible.

Riverdale season 6 finale is set to premiere on July 31 on The CW.

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