“Morbius” Release Date: Will It Be On Netflix, Disney+, Or Amazon Prime Video?

Morbius release date on Netflix
Image credit: Sony Entertainment

Morbius will become another jewel in the ever-so-valuable crown of Marvel. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the film saw several postponements in its release date. However, it seems like fans will finally get to the popular flick this week.

Considering that the pandemic caused by Coronavirus is gradually going away, the movie is all set to be released in theaters. You can expect it in your nearest theaters on April 01, 2022. What a great way to start the new month, right?

Additionally, Jared Leto, who will don the role of the titular character in the flick, also teased the possibility of a multiverse connection in the film. Keeping that in mind, we are sure you must be pretty excited about the film.

While many can watch Morbius in theaters starting from the dates mentioned above, many fans will be waiting for its OTT release. On that note, let’s find out where the new Jared Leto film will be released online, if it will stream online at all.

Will ‘Morbius’ be released on Amazon Prime Video?

Morbius release date on Netflix
Image credit: Sony Entertainment

Amazon Prime Video is one of the industry leaders in fetching OTT titles. Unfortunately, Marvel and Sony’s new movie will not make their way to Prime Video.

Will ‘Morbius’ be released on Disney+?

Considering Disney’s phenomenal library featuring almost all MCU titles, one might guess that Morbius will come to The Walt Disney-owned platform. However, technically the movie is not the sole property of MCU. It is part of Sony’s franchise Marvel similar to the Spider-Man movies.

As a result, you shouldn’t expect it to come to Disney+. But if you want to watch a series about another popular Marvel anti-hero, we might have something for you. Marvel’s Moon Knight has recently started streaming on Disney+, and you can watch it on the streaming service right now.

Will ‘Morbius’ be released on Netflix?

When it comes to superhero flicks, Netflix is not the first name that comes to the minds of fans. However, according to a report by Jan Bharat Times, Jared Leto’s rendition of Morbius will come to Netflix. They have reported that the film should come to the streaming giant sometime in May 2022.

That’s it from our end. Will you watch the film on the big screen? Or will you wait for it to come to Netflix? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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