Google Releases Free Tool That Suggests A Perfect Android Phone for You

google android phone app 4
google android phone app 4


Selecting a new Android phone could be one hell of a task and the Android maker Google knows it pretty well. So Google thought let’s make a tool to help users choose their new Android phone– and this gave birth to the silently released new tool named Which Phone.

Which Phone is a helper tool released by Google that will suggest you the phone that’s right for you. This tool asks you certain questions based on your activities like calling, texting, music, internet, gaming etc. and how often you make use of these services.

google-android-phone-app-1After taking all this information and doing some simple jugglery, Google presents you three phones to choose from.

You get the choice to select different prices, size and carriers (US users only) and then the options become more refined according to your choice.


You can choose the phone you want to purchase from the options as shown below or you can remove them to get new suggestions.


Try the Which Phone tool here.

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