Google Play Store To Remove Apps That Seek SMS, Call Logs Permission

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After cracking down on apps involving ad-fraud and spread of malware, Google is calling rogue Android apps on Play Store which require permission to access call logs and SMS.

Google has warned developers that in upcoming weeks, apps whose core functionality require SMS and call log permission will be removed from the Android app store.

Until an app gets reviewed by Google and justifies its requirement for the aforesaid permissions for its primary functions, it would remain under the company’s scanner and might even get evicted from the platform.

This decision comes as a part of Project Strobe, an initiative designed to limit developer access to user information. Last year in October, Google notified developers to update their apps to API level 26.

The company also asked app makers to tweak the permissions required by the apps in compliance with the new guidelines. Google allotted 90 days period to developers to make the necessary changes or justify the requirements using a permission declaration form.

However, Google hasn’t mentioned a specific date on when it would start removing the apps. But the company will give a chance to developers, whose apps get evicted, to submit an updated version of their app without the permissions.

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