Microsoft Creates Its Own Version of Linux For The First Time, Launches Azure Sphere OS

microsoft loves linux azure cloud
microsoft loves linux azure cloud

With the onslaught of Internet of Things devices, ensuring its security has become a major concern among the makers. In a bid to safeguard IoT products, Microsoft has introduced Azure Sphere, a technology that will revamp the security of microprocessors that powers the smart appliances and gadgets we use.

Azure Sphere is a package of products which includes a new design for chips that could be integrated with smart devices. And the most interesting part is Microsoft, which once called Linux a “cancer,” has used the open-source operating system to create this technology.

However, Microsoft’s love for Linux has increased in the recent years. A proof which has been the addition of robust support for Linux in its Azure cloud platform, which allows developers to integrate Linux with Windows 10.

So what is Azure Sphere?

Microsoft has adopted a combined approach through Azure Sphere which uses hardware, software and the cloud to secure internet-connected devices. The following are the three components used in it:

Azure Sphere certified microcontrollers (MCUs)

First is the new class of microcontrollers (MCUs) that combines both real-time and application processors with built-in Microsoft security technology and connectivity. The company will provide this powerful microprocessor’s design to chip manufacturers for free.

Azure Sphere OS

A new operating system, Azure Sphere, is Microsoft’s first Linux-based OS that will run on the chips. This customized Linux kernel will provide a secure platform through its Windows-inspired security features that can be scaled down to run on smaller systems.

Azure Sphere Security Service

The system is integrated with an Azure Sphere cloud service that will detect security issues, update software with security patches and facilitate a secure connection between devices and the cloud.

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