Google Pixel 7 Listed On eBay Months Before Release

Google Pixel 7 Best Smartphone of 2022
Image Credit: Google

A seller listed a prototype of Google’s highly anticipated and upcoming Pixel 7 on eBay and the Facebook marketplace. The listing gives us a detailed outlook of the upcoming smartphone almost half a year prior to its official release this fall.

We can see pictures of the front, sides, and back of the phone, but there isn’t much that you haven’t already seen in the official renders. 

Phone’s listing on eBay

The seller, whose identity is still unknown, claimed that he purchased the Pixel 7 prototype from a wholesaler but had no idea what it was. Only after some research did he find out that it was Google’s upcoming Pixel 7.

The listing was titled ‘Pixel 6,’ but the unusual logo, the camera bump, and hardware markings indicated that it is, in fact, a pre-production Pixel 7 prototype.

It can be seen that the seller took pictures of the phone using a Google Pixel 7 Pro. The listing suggests that Google will be offering a 128GB model as an option for the phone, and the phone’s model is GVU6C.

From the front, the phone has the same design as its predecessor, with a flat AMOLED display and a punch-hole cutout that contains the front camera. The back has a camera in the shape of a pill, which is surrounded by a thick rectangular aluminum bar, while the color is listed as Stormy Black.

The phone has a smooth, glossy finish, making it vulnerable to fingerprints and smudges. Google has also eliminated the headphone jack on the phone. Hours after the photos of the phone went viral on social media sights; the seller removed the listing because of an ‘error.’ 

Inevitable Phone leak

This isn’t the first time Google’s products have been leaked to the public. A prototype of a Pixel Watch was allegedly spotted at a restaurant before the company made the official announcement at the I/O conference. Similarly, someone filmed a Pixel 6 Pro test unit before Google released the device and so on.

We still have some time till the official release of the mobile phone, and if Google continues its old traditions, we might see a launch event in October later this year. For now, all we have are the photos from the listing until new information is leaked about the device again.

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