CancelSanta Is Trending On Twitter And Nobody Knows Why

CancelSanta Is Trending On Twitter And Nobody Knows Why
Image: Unsplash

#CancelSanta is yet again trending on Twitter and nobody has clue as to why. Cancel culture is quite prominent on Twitter and you might have seen hashtags to cancel almost everything. Turns out Santa is again on the dartboard and Twitter is aiming right at it.

Tweets started surfacing on the 30th of May 2022. People are stating all sorts of reasons to cancel Santa but none of it makes any sense. CancelSanta is trending and people are tweeting hilarious stuff on Twitter at the time of writing.

But why is Santa getting canceled?

CancelSanta Is Trending On Twitter And Nobody Knows Why
Image: Unsplash

Twitter users won’t leave any stone unturned roasting someone or something while they’re at it. A user tweeted how “he never liked that guy” and “why does he make a list of who’s naughty or nice” calling Santa a stalker.

One even outright called him a criminal as Santa is “breaking and entering” to “distribute gifts”. He said giving gifts is one thing but breaking and entering is quite wrong and that’s why Santa should be canceled

A different user made a list of things, that according to her were wrong with Santa. “Why we should CancelSanta because:

1 Lives in the North Pole to evade taxes
2 Trespasses billions of homes
3 Slave labor
4 Spies on everyone
5 Crossing multiple borders illegally

Although, all this rage seems to be satirical the focus of the tweets is on a Twitter handle called SantaDecides. The handle has been known to make “problematic” statements in the past. In fact, the last time Santa was getting canceled on twitter was somehow related to the user.

Santa has faced backlash in 2020 because some “problematic” tweets resurfaced from 2004. All said and done it will probably pass in a day or two as all things on Twitter do.

However, it still remains unclear as to why Santa is getting all this heat online. Meanwhile, you check out the trending page on Twitter and see what is all about.

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