Spotify Down For Many Users, Podcast Streaming Hit

Spotify Down

Users are complaining and have reported issues with the Spotify app Downdetector also points out a Spotify outage. Users reportedly reported being forcefully logged out of it and unable to log back in. 

As per Down Detector, the issues began after 6:10 PM, with many users complaining that they couldn’t use the app to stream music. 

Spotify responded to the complaints, thus confirming that there is something wrong and the developers are trying to fix it. 

Although there were a lot of reports from different parts of the US yesterday, the complaints were fairly higher in some particular areas like Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, etc. The reported problem count was quite high, and the reports also varied.

Nearly 65 percent related to application problems while 26 percent related to server connection errors. Nearly nine percent of the users reported problems with Spotify login. 

There are a lot of speculations regarding the problem among users as well. Some users also complain that their music streaming is not encountering any issues while the podcasts aren’t playing.

We haven’t encountered a problem with the app so far, but let’s wait for the developers to find a reliable solution so everyone can get access to their favorite music. 

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