5 Best Wayback Machine Alternatives To Browse Old Websites

Wayback Machine alternative for internet archive

The Internet has been around for more than two decades now. During this time, many websites were created and removed. Thankfully, many websites, such as the Wayback Machine, can help us revisit these old web pages. So here is a list of some of the best Wayback Machine Alternatives to help you browse old websites and expired URLs.

Every webpage on the Internet is stored forever for posterity. Thankfully, we can access most archived web information by using sites like Wayback Machine. However, we have also listed other Wayback Machine alternative websites depending on your use case.

What is Wayback Machine?

Wayback Machine is a platform where you can access a digital archive of the World Wide Web. It was founded by the Internet Archive, a non-profit organization. The website allows users to see how websites looked in the past by entering their URLs.

Users can look at how popular websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google looked in the past by using this website. Users can also access content that has been removed or changed from the Internet.

However, the Wayback Machine website can be slow or unresponsive for some web pages. We have put together a list of some of the best Wayback Machine alternative websites.

Best Wayback Machine Alternatives



Archive.today is a completely free online tool that allows users to navigate to any past page and capture a screenshot. It is pretty simple to use because of its accessibility and easy-to-navigate features. However, it works a bit differently as it captures duplicate pages from both Google and Yandex.

The website also supports Javascript, visuals, page links, and social media applications.

Thanks to these features, you can access many old websites precisely as they were before. With these features, it can support more social media websites than the Wayback Machine, making it even better. Therefore, it is one of the best Wayback Machine alternative websites available.

Memento Time Travel

Memento Time Travel

Memento Time Travel is another free website that lets you visit a website at a specific moment in time. It is based on Archive.today’s API that’s why it even supports web pages with heavy visualizations. You can even look for a website at a particular time of day.

The website self-archives web pages on servers. If you search for a particular page, it will search the entire server set to look for it. It supports many aspects of a webpage, including text, images, style sheets, etc. Unlike Wayback Machine, you don’t have to worry about data loss, making it a good alternative.

Resurrect Pages/ Go Back in Time

Resurrect Pages Go Back in Time

Resurrect Pages and Go Back in Time are browser extensions that allow users to see how a specific page used to look. The extensions use a variety of page caching and archiving services. They use caches from Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Gigablast to make up their library.

These extensions also use archival services such as The Internet Archive, archive.today, and WebCite. These browser extensions are pretty convenient as users can access them just by right-clicking on a web page.


stillio wayback machine alternative

Stillio is pretty different from other Wayback Machine alternatives as it periodically makes archives of selected websites. The service makes these archives based on the settings a user has chosen. The intervals can be hourly, daily, weekly, or whatever we decide.

The website also gives the users information such as search engine indicators and SEO ranking. However, it does not support javascript and other site functions. Due to this, you may find pages with broken links and wrong graphics.



ArchiveBox is an open-source self-hosted web archive and is an excellent alternative to the Wayback Machine. A user can set up the service to preserve any website they want. ArchiveBox is much better than services like Archive.org, as it can save these websites in multiple different formats.

Once you set it up, you can sleep soundly, knowing that your web page will be preserved no matter what happens. This service is mainly used to collect, save, and view websites you want to preserve offline.


Yes, you can copy any URL and open it in the Wayback Machine. You can choose to see that web page on any date you prefer.

Is there anything else like Wayback Machine?

There are many services available that can archive every webpage on the internet. The following services are most similar to Wayback Machine.

  • Archive.today
  • Time Travel
  • Memento Time Travel
  • Resurrect Pages
  • Go Back in Time
  • Stillio
  • ArchiveBox

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